The Bondage Mistress

Enter The Bondage Mistress.

Welcome to my wonderful world of kinky bondage fun. Within these pages you will find details of the games I play and how you too can join in as one of my willing slaves, tormented and dominated by me in sessions at my extensive Hanwell chambers. Right here you can find every BDSM delight you have ever fantasised about, every piece of restraint and torture equipment that have filled your worst nightmares and every naughty game you have ever dreamt of playing. 

NOW doing live cam shows here ...all kinks satisfied.

I've started another You Tube site from scratch so feel free to click the link and start viewing the few videos I've added so far.

I've also now got an Instagram page with a selection of great photo shoot and session pictures. Your sure to enjoy.

Upcoming Annoucements

Since I’ve had so many enquiries regarding a 24 hour 'Dungeon Escape' (sarcasm is rife isn’t it) into the natural order of matriarchy, I’ve decided to add this as a special package. Do not expect long email correspondence regarding this unless you are a serious sub looking to make the required deposit to prove your worth. Let’s just say a mix of play and stay variations are possible.


Fetish Liza returns 25th and 26th April

The Leather Latex and Nylon Goddess return to bring her own unique style of fetish fantasy and class to the chambers. "Thank God we have some Heels donning the floors of Hanwell" I hear you cry! Well this lady is a tour de force to be reckoned with, will you dare to submit?


June 1st Multi day with Sherry - Guys and Dolls 12-4 £420


Ok June is a special month for me as my slave girl and friends are literally kidnapping me and whisking me off to an unknown location for my hen do (excited or what). The trouble is, I have no idea what they have planned and I have a feeling it will be a case of ‘what happens on the hen do ….stays on the hen do’. Naturally in preparation for this I am going to have to hold a pre Hen-Do warm up with you subs offering yourself as the suitable playtime meat for a couple of mischievous women in a party mood to both use play with and abuse in a selection of kinky and exotic ways. To be honest this one is really over to Sherry….I think we’re all in trouble on this adventure!

Pittsburg’s finest Irene Boss return to October 26th to the 29th


This is a lady of unprecedented appeal that needs no real introduction. It has been 2 years already, (doesn't time fly) since this formidable woman has graced the chambers of my Hanwell establishment. Yet again I predict she will be booked to the hilt pretty fast, so early arrangement of the limited stock avalible is recommended. Ms Boss will be avalible for both solo (arranged through Ms Boss) or joint sessions with Mistress Miranda (arranged through Mistress Miranda). On this vist Ms Boss requests contact's ahead of time to aid in her scheduling. Her session site is: and may be made by email to:   

My Tribute

1hr 1.5hrs 2hrs 2.5hrs 3hrs 3.5hrs 4hrs 4.5hrs 5hrs 5.5hrs 6 hrs
£220 £320 £420 £515 £600 £685 £770 £855 £940 £1025 £1110

-8hr Day Rate - £1300
-24 Hours Rate -£2000
-24 Hours Rate + added overnight time with my slave-girl - £2300
-Couples fees £260 per hour flat rate

-Bondage scenes to include cell time or 'bound and left' sections incurs 2 standard rate hours before the following £130 applies (non-attended) This 'unattended rate' can also be applied to the other rooms (does not apply to serious kit toys which require monitoring)


Should you wish to treat your hard-working Mistress, I'm collecting bottles of 'MOET' in preparation for my wedding this August. Naturally, not an essential element to getting an appointment with me, but as I've now been asked numerous times for session gifts, this would go down a treat and be set aside for my special day. Another option is as always, my favorite Mosel Riesling 'Dr Loosen' or other such choices. NO CHOCOLATE please!




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