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Im happy to take credit or debit cards (minor fee added) but please advise before arrival if you wish to do this. 

Enter The Bondage Mistress.

Welcome to my wonderful world of kinky bondage fun. Within these pages you will find details of the games I play and how you too can join in as one of my willing slaves, tormented and dominated by me in sessions at my extensive Hanwell chambers. Right here you can find every BDSM delight you have ever fantasised about, every piece of restraint and torture equipment that have filled your worst nightmares and every naughty game you have ever dreamt of playing. To keep my kinkiness away from the Under-18s, I am limited to what I can show you here in my showrooms. But upgrade to my private Club site and you grown-ups can see the full erotic details of what really happens in my cruellest and most humiliating sessions. There are hundreds of pictures and more than 1000 exclusive movies for you to download for free: in an instant. You can also see a great deal more of me in films and photographs of my most private moments with my personal boudoir slave.

Joining my Club gives you free access not only to my films but also to the huge selection of scenes that I shoot with my Domme friends as we play painful and humiliating Double-Domme games with our male slaves. And, if all that is not enough to tempt you, the same great value Club fee lets you instantly download and watch all of the XXX ultra-adult films where I and other dominatrices abuse my stable of beautiful young slavegirls. Nipple clamps and strap-ons galore as these pretty girls expose their bodies to me and you and suffer ceaselessly for my amusement. Last but not least, Club Membership lets you read, for free, all of my hundreds of personal blogs detailing the day-to-day sessions I conduct at Hanwell and in my travels across the UK and Europe. It’s the perfect way of getting to know the most intimate thoughts of your Mistress. Join today and you can be downloading the films and enjoying them at your leisure within moments.

October 1-8th Fetish Liza ARRIVES

From the 1st to 8th October my close friends Fetish Liza, is working with me at Hanwell Towers dispensing her own unique brand of international mayhem, pain and pleasure. As a force to be reckoned with, Liza specialises in extreme tease, frustration and fetish play and is arriving with a wide variety of outfits to cater for each and every one of your fetish needs. If you want to visit Liza you can book sessions directly through her own site at XX. For those brave enough to take one step further, Liza and I will be offering some duo sessions: or perhaps you might like to book half a session with her and half with me? There may even be an opportunity for a double-domme filming session with us both, but for that you will need to register your interest as soon as possible.

Multi-Day Strapon Party 8 October 12 noon to 5pm - £400 

This is a party you cannot afford to miss: probably the greatest strap-on fuck fest you will ever enjoy as the amazing Fetish Liza and I present a glorious afternoon of frivolity, fucking and fetish fun amidst the newly upgraded facilities of Hanwell Manor. Running from 12 noon until 5 pm, with a guaranteed four hours of playtime for every guest, this multi-slave party promises to be a kinky festival of strap-on pervery with two Mistresses who will vie with each other to earn the coveted title: 'Best Hip Thrust of the West.'

Have you got what it takes to take Mistress Miranda and Fetish Liza's best and biggest cocks deep in your throat or your rear? Are you eager for a spit-roasting extraordinaire? We Mistresses want those who are willing to watch, choke and learn to take a strap-on in any way that we may desire, with a heavy dose of latex and lust for good measure. Will this party produce penetrated and broken arses before bedtime or might you be up the challenge of all that two fit and sexy women can thrust at you? Book early to guarantee yourself a place at this rare opportunity for party fun.

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 15-19 October

Between the 15th to 19th October I will be away on one of my continental forays to be a celebrity guest and stage performer at the Venus Fair in Berlin. The surprise invitation to appear came thanks to my earlier stage shows at the Boundcon Festival in Munich where I enjoyed tying up a series of beautiful bondage models on stage for the delight of the large audience of international fetish devotees. That was the first time I had performed in what is primarily a rope bondage event, but I had lot of inspiring comments from the audience who seemed to like the way I could produce such elaborate bondage displays in such a short time on stage. I certainly ensured that none of the girls had the chance of escape from my hands and, most importantly, the models and I all had a lot of fun. The one lesson I learned which I will take full advantage of this time in Berlin is that I need to take smaller straps for the girls than the sturdier and larger webbing I use on my predominantly male clientele in Hanwell. Best of all, I am planning to take some of my range of inescapable ‘Maxcita’ canvas strait jackets which will ensure both a sexy and stylish performance. I will have my own stand at the Venus fair selling my hot of the publishers’ press autobiography and a very special selection of DVDs not available online. If you get the chance then pleased drop by and say Hello.

In my absence from Hanwell, the delightful Sherry will be taking sessions, and possibly a double-fun session with a new and willing slavegirl as well. She would love to see you but you will need to pre-book any sessions with her. 

“Remember Remember the 5th of November… perversion, straps-ons and fun.” £400 from 1200-1700

To celebrate the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot I’m planning a Hanwell multi-day event which will certainly go with a bang. I’ve been finalising my own plot against one of my slavegirls and this is my chance to make her snap, crackle and pop from every orifice. The one thing I can guarantee is that it is going to be HOT to both watch and take part in this special day and my slavegirl will carry the memories for many days afterwards. The young lady I have in mind is such a handful of fun that I may need the assistance of some willing volunteers to help me dominate and control her for the afternoon. Let me know if you would like to assist, although that does not mean to say that my subbies will not also feel the full weight of my normal range of multi-day torments, bondage and torture.


TRIBUTE one on one fee for Mistress Miranda;

1 hr £200

1.5 hr £285

2 hr £370

2.5 hr £450

3 hr £520

3.5 hr £585

4 hr £650

Cell time is reduced to £100 per hour after 2 standard hour rates are paid. 

Couples rate: £230 per hour for double sub sessioning together.




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