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Welcome to my wonderful world of kinky bondage fun. Within these pages you will find details of the games I play and how you too can join in as one of my willing slaves, tormented and dominated by me in sessions at my extensive Hanwell chambers. Right here you can find every BDSM delight you have ever fantasised about, every piece of restraint and torture equipment that have filled your worst nightmares and every naughty game you have ever dreamt of playing. To keep my kinkiness away from the Under-18s, I am limited to what I can show you here in my showrooms. But upgrade to my private Club site and you grown-ups can see the full erotic details of what really happens in my cruellest and most humiliating sessions. There are hundreds of pictures and more than 1000 exclusive movies for you to download for free: in an instant. You can also see a great deal more of me in films and photographs of my most private moments with my personal boudoir slave.

Joining my Club gives you free access not only to my films but also to the huge selection of scenes that I shoot with my Domme friends as we play painful and humiliating Double-Domme games with our male slaves. And, if all that is not enough to tempt you, the same great value Club fee lets you instantly download and watch all of the XXX ultra-adult films where I and other dominatrices abuse my stable of beautiful young slavegirls. Nipple clamps and strap-ons galore as these pretty girls expose their bodies to me and you and suffer ceaselessly for my amusement. Last but not least, Club Membership lets you read, for free, all of my hundreds of personal blogs detailing the day-to-day sessions I conduct at Hanwell and in my travels across the UK and Europe. It’s the perfect way of getting to know the most intimate thoughts of your Mistress. Join today and you can be downloading the films and enjoying them at your leisure within moments. 

APRIL 30TH SUPER MULTI MADNESS; £350 entry fee. Limited numbers. 3-4 hours. Start  time 12-4

As you all undoubtedly know this April marks the 74th anniversary of the first appearance of “Superman” in an American comic book. To commemorate this significant date I’m holding a “Super-Domme” multi-day party for a select band of subbies on Wednesday April 30th. As superheroes always have a sidekick ‘buddy’, my super-friend Sherry will be there to help control and discipline all of you guys brave enough to take on this legendary domination duo. Kapow! … Thwack! … Ouch!

Those lucky enough to have attended previous multi-days at Hanwell Towers will know that the combination of my bondage and domination skills and Miss Sherry’s mischievous and naughty nature always ensures that Every party at Hanwell Towers goes with a swing and is enjoyed by all. Those who seek heavy bondage and discipline will find that a’plenty in my lavishly equipped dungeon; those seeking a lighter touch, or just the chance to spend quality slave time with two stunning and dominant women, will find that their dreams may also come true.

Not wanting to spoil the fun, I won’t reveal all of our fiendish super-plans, or the super tasks that my subbies will have to complete if they want to avoid serious bondage and torment from their Mistress for the day. I’m also keeping close to my chest the secret elements (wine and chocolates – oooops… silly me!) that sometimes weaken little Sherry in the same way that Kryptonite affects Superman’s powers. We wouldn’t want her to feel so faint that she needs to sit on a partygoers face in her skimpy super-lingerie, would we? But don’t worry. I’ll be close to hand to ensure that everyone gets a fair crack of the whip… well if that’s what turns you on!


1 hr £200

1.5 hr £285

2 hr £370

2.5 hr £450

3 hr £520

3.5 hr £585

4 hr £650

Cell time is reduced to £90 per hour after 2 standard hour rates are paid. 



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