The Bondage Mistress

Enter The Bondage Mistress.

Welcome to my wonderful world of kinky bondage fun. Within these pages you will find details of the games I play and how you too can join in as one of my willing slaves, tormented and dominated by me in sessions at my extensive Hanwell chambers. Right here you can find every BDSM delight you have ever fantasised about, every piece of restraint and torture equipment that have filled your worst nightmares and every naughty game you have ever dreamt of playing. For my fee list, pls scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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Latest news


If you have been putting off visiting my Hanwell establishment then time is running out to visit this iconic building. Built in 1870 and the origional areas slaughter house, this multi level kink extravanganza will be closing its doors forever, hence the timer below.  I've signed my last 12 months exit lease giving up possession of my chambers for redevelopement (which is the way of the world now). Next year makes it 17 years that Ive occupied this residence and ill be sad to say goodbye, however a new chapter awaits, Until then, time is rapidly running out....


School Rulz Sept 11th 12-4


 All naughty girls and boys are back to school in the month of September ... and Hanwell Towers Academy is no exception to the rule. I expect prompt attendance of all the Academy males who will be required to report to Miss Prim's detention room with their misconduct cards well and truly marked. There have been allegations of inappropriate behaviour, sexual perversity, and bullying: and it's not just the teachers! Fortunately, help is at hand, and Mistress will be joined by an external adjudicator to enforce discipline. Boys should arrive with school ties neatly in place!

Academy fees will be £550 for four hours from 12 - 4. (1 space left)





£350 for 1.5

£450 for 2 hrs

£550 for 2.5 hrs

£600 for 3 hrs

£800 for 4 hrs

£900 for 4.5 hrs

£950 for 5 hrs

£1050 for 5.5 hrs

£1140 for 6 hours

£1350 for 8 hours

-Couples or double sub fees £275 per hour flat rate

-Voyeur/ visitor attendee fee £50 (bringing someone to watch your session,or a guest of any sort) 



Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room