A little about me: Past

Since a young age I have had an interest in domination, and experimented with bondage as a teenager. I always joke that I was born a deviant lol!!! As my interests expanded, I began ‘playing’ in a semi-professional level whilst at university. After graduating, and succeeding in getting a ‘proper’ job in the field that I had trained in, I realised that the area which I excelled in and most enjoyed was BDSM. For me my art is a vocation, as opposed to a ‘job’. I never feel like I’m ‘working’ and I look forward to each of my sessions as everyone is different. My day is never predictable or boring and the people I meet make my life fulfilled; many I consider personal friends.

And now: Present Day

I am both a lifestyle player and Pro Domme who has been active in the scene for 22 years which has given me a vent for my kinky tastes. All you lucky subs who session with me, whether you are a novice or experienced slave, will benefit from my wealth of experience and genuine interest in the BDSM world. Ive now hit 43 and Im very happy to say that Ive never lied about my age as your as young as you feel. Luckily the fact that I'm fanatical about fitness, working out 5-6 times a week to make my body toned this gives me double the energy to keep on going far far longer than many half my age. I've been a keen martial artist for years (20+) and am happy to incorporate this element of skill into my sessions if your feeling brave! Yes I still have the exuberance of youth on my side but I will not offer any sort of wrestling holds or take down manoeuvers as this is not an activity Im skilled or practiced at. Karate kicks, punches, body conditioning is fine. I'm a level 3 qualified Personnal Trainer. I also hold the relevant Instructor qualifications in numerous sports including in Kettlebells , MMA drills, Strength and Sports Conditioning, TRX Suspension Training to name a few. I believe that a healthy body aids keeping a stress free mind and naturally strutting around in rubber all day means I make an extra effort to keep in reasonable shape. Take a look at my members site and you will see evidence of in my latest photos and videos (on the Members Site). Ok I admit, Im not perfect and also succumb to temptation of those lovely sweet delights on occasion but we all can but try to keep ourselves on the straight and narrow...most of the time. The other aspect to regular training is a certain amount of time injuries occur. I know, even a super human Bondage Mistress somehow sucummbs to these far too often, so I know the difficulity of keeping motivated when these times hit too. 

I love new pieces of equipment and unusual custom outfits which keeps my sessions fresh.  In the Members Site you will see constantly updated fetish images, videos, roleplay and on this site a current Mistress Blog which will detail some of my kinky fetish fun. Oh yes! I am living the dream. I know you want all the content for free, but sorry chaps, Im UK regulation compliant and this means having this adult content behind an age verified firewall so go on be brave join the site and see some of the best kinky, erotic and fun content on the market now.

My films are shot across the UK and abroad with a large variety of submissives and Dommes. Keep an eye on my Mistress Blog to know what kinky fun I've been up to.

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