Blog Archive: January 2017

BEAUVOIR in Hanwell

Jan 25, 2017

Its always a treat to have an educated, intellectual woman in the dungeon and yesterday was a treat. There is always a real element of fun when Beauvoir attends Hanwell and her arrival prompts both though innovation and the joy of catching up with a trust...

The Floatation Bag

Jan 24, 2017

There is nothing more erotic, arousing and simply put, magical, than being fully immersed in an inflatable body-bag, floating on air, feeling the warmth surround your form as a strict but firm nurse administers the necessary doses of mind controlling...

Posh Boy New Toy

Jan 16, 2017

Some days the off the cuff sessions do indeed work like a charm and today is no exceptions to this usual rule. I say unusual as most client tend to pre book, pre plan with regards to elements they would like included and then away we go. However when a we...

Seduction by the Fittest! Again!

Jan 15, 2017

The Second Date Strictly coerced into submission by a selection of latex, electro stimulation and the always essential breathing apparatus, my previously selected blind date male was eager to please on his return. Well I say eager to please, in fact, th...

Seduction by the Fittest!

Jan 6, 2017

Few things excite me more than a totally immersive and fully effective roleplay, especially over a period of hours, where ideas roll off your tongue and get more and more embellished and embroiled with tales of the heart and soul. This was the scene that ...

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