Blog Archive: January 2019

The Perfect Day

Jan 28, 2019

 The Perfect Day On occasions, my sexual perversions clinic at Hanwell sees patients who require an entire day of treatment to offer them the highest levels of aversion therapy. That was the case this week as I introduced trainee nurse Rona to just ...

Ball Kicking Tag Team

Jan 27, 2019

 The second attendee at the double-trouble medical clinic I held this week with trainee Mistress Rona was a character well known to the Hanwell medical staff as a reprobate of the highest order. He requires intense discipline which involved some seri...

Clinical Double Trouble

Jan 26, 2019

 Having student nurse, Rona, with me recently for a whole two days in the Hanwell Medical Clinic gave me the opportunity of being able to treat the sexual conditions of several of my male patients as well as offering valuable on-the-spot training for...

Dishpan Hands

Jan 25, 2019

 An Idolised Mistress It is the natural order of things for submissive men to worship strong Mistresses, and so I am used to my slaves experiencing an overwhelming emotion of idolatry when they think of me. It is not unusual for faint mumbles, profe...

Punishing The Predator

Jan 18, 2019

 Punishing The Predator One of the many services offered by my BDSM medical clinic at Hanwell Towers is a rehabilitation and punishment regime which has had great success in treating even the most perverted of sexual predators. A good example came t...

Tit for Tat

Jan 4, 2019

 Tit for Tat It goes without saying that a Mistress such as I is always going to be (as Orwell once wrote) "more equal than others" but, with that self-evident truth aside, I am a strong believer in equality between the sexes. That added t...

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