Blog Archive: February 2018

Double Leather Kidnapping

Feb 24, 2018

 What could be more exciting for a leather-addicted slave than being kidnapped, held in bondage and forced to worship a leather-clad dominatrix as she milks him dry? The answer is for all of the above to happen... but not with one leather Mistresses....

His and Hers Domination

Feb 17, 2018

  Although I do see a good selection of kinky couples seeking my brand of domination here at Hanwell Towers, it still remains a treat for me to work on both a submissive man and a submissive woman who want to meet me for one fun session. On this oc...

Merely The Baseline

Feb 9, 2018

  It’s always good to see a client who has been away from Hanwell Towers for a while and even better when he announces that he really wants to hit as many orgasms as he possibly can in his three-hour long session. I could immediately see that...

Develop THIS.

Feb 3, 2018

 A would-be property developer who was taking a sneaky peek at my Hanwell dungeons had a super surprise in store this week when I decided to teach him that taking on 'The Bondage Mistress' is no easy task. He seemed to be enjoying his tour of the bui...

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