Blog Archive: April 2018

Colonics and Climaxes

Apr 28, 2018

My new colonic irrigation machine and my new, highly-trained skills in using it are proving increasingly popular at the Hanwell medical clinic. This deep and intimate cleansing service for your rear offers a new sensation for many of my clients, along wit...

Damsel in Distress

Apr 24, 2018

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and so I set out to prove that by making one of my clients into the best possible imitation of his Mistress at the start of a four-hour bondage session in which I had planned to turn him into th...

Basque In My Control

Apr 21, 2018

 I greatly enjoyed dressing one of my clients is a striking combination of red basque, stockings and suspenders for one of my clients this week, after he expressed his overwhelming need to serve a beautiful Mistress in the most humiliating and painfu...

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