Blog Archive: April 2019

Easter Feaster

Apr 23, 2019

 One of the delights of an eight-hour-long session with just one submissive is that it gives me the opportunity to test out some of my newer equipment, and perhaps revisit some bits and pieces of bondage and torture kit that I may have been neglectin...

Popping a Cherry

Apr 18, 2019

 I do enjoy giving my slaves new submissive experiences in their lives, and I also always get a lot of fun testing out new pieces of equipment (which can be new to the client, or yours truly) giving me the extra special magical delight of popping a c...

Breakfast at Hanwells

Apr 8, 2019

 Breakfast at Hanwells Most of my clients just cannot get back fast enough to see me after every visit, but for various reasons, one slave had not been able to return for about two years for the treatment he needs at my Hanwell dungeon. Ironically, ...

Style Fetish

Apr 4, 2019

Following my recent redecoration and rearrangement of the dungeon rooms at Hanwell Towers, your Mistress's unceasing search for bondage perfection continued apace, with a flying visit to one of Europe's top bondage equipment manufacturers in my quest to f...

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