Blog Archive: September 2017

Weekend Wildness

Sep 26, 2017

The prospect of a 12-hour session with yours truly may both fill you with ideas of delight or indeed trepidation, however my captive male was indeed in store for a double treat…his journey was indeed to be one of a 24 hr period but my portion was a...

One Suck Beyond

Sep 19, 2017

It’s a wonderful day, when a parcel arrives for me from serious kit milking supplies. Even more impressive when the bespoke pieces I’ve ordered happen to be in time for my long-term suffering sub. Unbeknown to my rather well-endowed male some ...

Every Widdle Helps

Sep 11, 2017

It’s always a joy to have a new face in Hanwell towers and today was one such day. This new sub in question had arrived with lots of pre-planning on his side and had travelled quite a distance. Naturally hydration levels for this sub were particular...

What a Lucky Boy

Sep 8, 2017

What could possibly be better than a wonderful dominant wife sending her errant submissive husband for specialist Hanwell treatment aka ‘rubber reprogramming’ and ‘bondage torment’. I mean, even with the best will in the world we a...

Rubber Riot

Sep 4, 2017

 I say rubber riot as my dungeon certainly looks as though that has been the case after my weekend escapades. It’s a rarity that I’m working both days on a weekend but with the chance of two long scenes how could I say no??? Saturdays fro...

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