Blog Archive: October 2017

Dont Mess With The BOSS!

Oct 13, 2017

When one graduates from the ‘Miranda Waitress Academy’ with a gold merit badge, you would think the standard were set in stone. Luckier still is the ‘lady’ in question when she is therefore selected to go and represent the UK and h...


Oct 11, 2017

 When a new prisoner arrives on Cell Block M for incarceration, the immediate mood is one of excitement and trepidation. You may wonder if this is from the prisoner or the Guards? It may however surprise you to know in this instance it was the existi...

Crazy Cat Lady

Oct 6, 2017

 I admit it, I’m a cat lover, well a crazy cat lady like so many of the Dom’s I know. However, when a human ‘Tomcat’ is dragged back into the Hanwell establishment you know that fur will fly. These feral cats do indeed get the...

A Day in the Dungeon….

Oct 5, 2017

 They always say if you want something done, ask a busy person! However, todays adventure certainly pulled no punches. Literally swallowing the day whole and spitting out bodies on the floor. Admittedly the graphic analogy wasn’t exactly the ca...

Vac Hood Excitement

Oct 4, 2017

There is nothing more exciting that getting a new piece of kit, especially when It has a Serious Kit” tag attached. Low and behold as per usual I have ordered some unusual bespoke pieces in my time but the latest vac hood with interchangeable lens...

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