Blog Archive: October 2018

Crimes Against The State

Oct 24, 2018

 Some crimes against the state are so serious that offenders are sent to me at my Hanwell Correctional Facility for prolonged interrogation to uncover the full extent of their misbehaviour and to impose suitable penalties for all they have done. In m...

Boot and Ball Weights

Oct 16, 2018

 Boots and Ball Weights It's been a while since I had a satisfying trampling session, and so I was pleased to find my slave client waiting prostrate on the floor as I walked into the Hanwell dungeon the other day to have my boots licked and cleane...

Hypno Help

Oct 12, 2018

On occasions, it is obvious to me that only total brainwashing and reprogramming through hypnosis can help a client who comes to my Hanwell Clinic for treatment for his sexual misdemeanours. One such case involved a self-confessed “obnoxious twat&rd...

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