Blog Archive: November 2016

TV Bondage Torment

Nov 25, 2016

 One recent session tested both my rope bondage abilities and the extent of my cross-dressing wardrobe at Hanwell Towers when a client asked to be tied-up in multiple positions and in multiple TV outfits. It was a interesting challenge and since the...

Suspended Animation

Nov 24, 2016

I do have a lot of fun with the hoists and slings and bodyboards attached to the electric winches in the ceiling of my suspension room at Hanwell Towers. There is something deeply satisfying about strapping one of my bondage slaves tightly onto the board...

Snip Snip

Nov 4, 2016

I do enjoy surprising my clients with something new on every visit and I certainly had one highly surprised client on my hands when he found himself strung up from the rafters in my dungeon, still fully clothed and with a very determined Mistress about to...

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