Blog Archive: November 2017

Tease tastic

Nov 29, 2017

One of the many skilled arts at the Hanwell Towers Clinic for Sexual Perversion is the ability to keep a lustful patient on the very edge of reaching an orgasm for hour after hour after hour, ensuring the maximum sexual frustration with the minimum of eff...

An American Sub in London

Nov 27, 2017

It may have been a while since I last visited Pittsburgh but the memory lives on: particularly of one highly enjoyable session with my formidable friend, Irene Boss, in her establishment known as "The Compound" in the heart of that city. Her co...

Cock-sucking Sissy - Pt 2

Nov 17, 2017

So, to continue on from a previous blog, I believe it necessary to detail the end result of the cock sucking sissys session. After some considerable time forcing one sissy slut to suck and wank a more dominant client of mine, I realised that both of us w...

Party Party

Nov 16, 2017

If there is one thing I do love it is the organised chaos of one of my Hanwell dungeon slave multi-days where a number of slaves are secured around the suspension room, all in rubber bondage, most on varieties of wanking machines and all suffering for the...

Cock-sucking Sissy - Pt 1

Nov 14, 2017

In the middle of a busy week it’s sometimes fun for me to make one of my own submissives earn his keep by pimping him out to be dominated, abused and used as a cock-sucking slut by another client: even more so if the sissy in question is not used to...

Sexual Predator

Nov 10, 2017

 When faced with a sexual predator, clearly guilty of the most heinous crimes, there is usually only one course of action considered within the Hanwell Institute for the Sexually Deviant. Unluckily for the prisoner in question, the judge overseeing h...

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