Blog Archive: November 2018

Symposium Select

Nov 16, 2018

 Symposium Select Judging by the title of this blog, you could be forgiven for assuming I'm talking about a meeting of great minds and the free exchange of ideas... and in a way you are right. Any symposium at Hanwell Towers is, however, likely to r...

Trick or Treat

Nov 5, 2018

 Trick or Treat What a wonderful session I've just enjoyed, with a full two days of torment for a lucky sub. He was treated to a full rubber hood which means that the fun started with a series of fascinating breath-control games, even before I prepa...

Piss bobbing

Nov 2, 2018

 PissBobbing Party The moans of pain and pleasure echoing around the Hanwell halls must have been loud enough to wake the dead as I and naughty imp Rhona, my partner in Halloween crime, tormented and (occasionally) rewarded the slaves lucky enough...

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