Blog Archive: December 2016

Voyeurism of Exploration

Dec 16, 2016

 It’s a rare opportunity to find an underwear fetishist who dislikes latex…they are most certainly out there! It makes a rare treat to cosplay in something far more mainstream and I had the lucky opportunity to dress a newbie sub up in a...

Kingari where it hurts!!

Dec 12, 2016

 Nothing shows true strength of character than the last man standing competition…with yours truly at the helm. You might think that, with my formidable reputation for ball busting excellence, that most would wither and fade at the mere thought...

Hanwell Chambers SOS

Dec 6, 2016

Ok we all know just the tiniest bit of Morse Code, “dot dot dot, dash dash dash dot dot dot” does not mean what you might think in the Hanwell chamber. Yes I admit there are probably a few souls who want to be saved from the torment that await...

Multi Day Alert!!! - Life is a Cabaret!!

Dec 4, 2016

Every worthwhile business deserves a Christmas party and here at Hanwell Chambers it is no exception. There are a privileged group of trusted individuals whom are my inner circle all with varied personality and charms and last night’s event was a wa...

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