Breakfast at Hanwells

Apr 8, 2019

 Breakfast at Hanwells

Most of my clients just cannot get back fast enough to see me after every visit, but for various reasons, one slave had not been able to return for about two years for the treatment he needs at my Hanwell dungeon. Ironically, the last time he saw me I'd just come out of hospital after a hip operation, and this time I'd just come out of hospital after an operation on my knee. Not that my recent treatment stopped me in any way from dealing with him as thoroughly as I do with all of my slaves, and introducing him to the way that my Hanwell premises have been rearranged and refurbished par excellence.

I started off with a set of challenging nipple electrics and soon followed that up with a Maxcita white canvas strait-jacket which has so many straps that even the most Houdini-like of slaves can never escape its grip. Naturally, there was also a crotch rope to hold in his electro butt-plug and pads, and a chastity device designed to contain even the most unbridled of erections. A collar and chain completed his ensemble and allowed me to drag him to the suspended sling which now graces my upstairs dungeon. As he lay back in the sling there were padded foot restraints to attach and, over the top of those, a set of metal leg braces bent at right angles, and a leg spreader bar which I wrapped securely in place with leather straps and shrink wrap.

Although there was no chance of escape I decided to fix additional ropes from collar, arms and thighs around the sling. Did I mention his feeding gag? That was tight in his mouth, with a funnel pointing upwards ready to receive some noxious fluids to wash down the recycled breakfast delights which had been lovingly prepared (i.e. spat in, swilled around, and re-spat down the tube to his waiting lips). I should mention that this particular slave has a phobia about shared fluids and so, of course, I enjoyed playing with his limits. As all continental breakfasts start with fruit juice, I began with that; spitting in the bottle and swilling it around before squirting it down the funnel. Knowing that he hates the consistency of porridge I added that to the mix and encouraged the breakfast concoction into his mouth, firstly around the gag and then, despite his many protests, using the rubber mouth shield to ensure he swallowed it all.

His next challenge was the removal of the ropes, the shrink wrap, the spreader bar and the straightening on his leg braces to a more natural position. I thought it would be fun to show my captive that, even after giving him a little freedom, life was not going to be easy. "Come on then," I chirped, "off you get," and then laughed myself silly watching his hapless attempts to get off of the sling without the aid of his hands. He grunted, cried and groaned as he flapped around like a fish out of water; humiliated and unable to move. At least I am strong enough to pick him up... even post surgery!

And all of this was only the first hour....

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