Clinical Double Trouble

Jan 26, 2019

 Having student nurse, Rona, with me recently for a whole two days in the Hanwell Medical Clinic gave me the opportunity of being able to treat the sexual conditions of several of my male patients as well as offering valuable on-the-spot training for a young lady anxious to enlarge her repertoire of kinky, medical fetish games. On the first day of our double medical extravaganza our human guinea pig arrived fully aware that he was here for the pleasure of two twisted individuals wanting their fetish fix, and to offer his body and mind as a training aid for my student nurse.

What followed was a feast of total tight bondage involving the strictest of restriction on our medical bench as well as a variety of challenging hoods and a healthy dose of breath control procedures.

Throughout the session, Nurse Rona and I made certain that the patient was fully aware of the fact that his fate was completely in our hands, ensuring he felt vulnerable and exposed as we stretched and electrified his arse and I taught Rona sounding techniques to probe deep into the shaft of his cock. I'm pleased to report that the lessons have ensured that Nurse Rona is highly adept at that particular procedure.

As a finale to the nurse training I decided to show her the intricacies of administering a range of needle therapies, which provided her and me with a good laugh, even if the patient didn't always share in the humour of that part of the session. I've no doubt, however, that he did appreciate our medical skills in the end when we moved on together to a complete forced medical milking.

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