Dishpan Hands

Jan 25, 2019

 An Idolised Mistress

It is the natural order of things for submissive men to worship strong Mistresses, and so I am used to my slaves experiencing an overwhelming emotion of idolatry when they think of me. It is not unusual for faint mumbles, professing undying love and devotion, to emerge from under the various rubber layers as I torment and torture my rubber slaves strapped down on my medical bench – especially if they have been subject to some of my more exotic ‘aroma’ therapy in the course of their treatment.

I have one slave in particular who always seems to be desperate to tell me how much he adores me whenever he is helpless in bondage and, naturally, I ensure that he is always fully gagged and restrained in order to make it as hard as possible for him to say anything at all. I get a lot of fun from telling him how little I care as he mumbles away into his gag: his efforts to idolise me amusingly interspersed with his squeals of pain from the electrics attached to his cock and balls. After a while I usually put an end to his protestations with some judicious breath-control measures which is a surefire way of keeping him silent until he is finally forced to use his most humiliating safeword to earn my mercy.

I should perhaps point out that I have never been the harshest sort of “Get down and lick my boots” Mistress (unless that sort of treatment has been specifically requested in a session) but some slaves are so helpless and pathetic that they naturally lend themselves to being mistreated in any way that takes my fancy. On this occasion the subbie in question had such a pleading look in his eyes that I did allow a little boot worship before granting his wish to scrub clean the floor of my medical room on his hands and knees. It’s not an easy job, and doing it to my demanding standards took him some considerable time. I think in the end, with his sore knees and dishpan hands, he was hoping for some kind word of reward from his Mistress for trying so hard to please me.

Think Again slave! Kindness and rewards – like pity – do not live here in my Hanwell dungeon.

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