Easter Cums Early at Hanwell

Mar 28, 2019

 Easter Cums Early At Hanwell

I had a custom-made outfit created for this Easter-themed multi-day, which saw me with an inflatable tail, a fully mobile Easter rabbit mask with impressive ears, and a toy carrot complete with green foliage which I soon adapted to be a highly-functional strap-on cock. My bunny partner, Rona, arrived with veritable feast of chocolate (not something about which I would ever complain) but which gave us an excuse to punish clients who proved a little too eager to get their hands on our Easter eggs. We decided to do a video for social media of our ball-kicking techniques and so had one guy in the upstairs dungeon with me holding his arms back and pushing my knee against his coccyx to ensure he kept his hips pushed forwards whilst Rona demonstrated just how hard and fast she can kick. Then we swapped places for some heavy thuds between his legs from me to ensure that he never forgets that eating chocolate is the exclusive privilege of we Mistresses.

After some time out to ensure that the events were all captured on camera, Rona and I played some tag-team games with metal sounds in the medical room. Impressively, we managed between us to get to a size 32, the thickest one I have, before repeating the exercise with the longest sound I have. Moving on to the suspension room introduced clients to a variety of sling strap-on antics before a finale upstairs with more ball-kicking and a wanding on our bondage table. Surprisingly, after all that work (and despite all of the chocolate) Rona and I still managed a trip to the pub... and lunch!

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