Hitting the Mark

Aug 22, 2013

 It’s very rare these days that I get a pure cp session. That is not to say that cp is something that I do not enjoy, far from it in fact. Seeing a otherwise pale pert bottom go from fleshy pink to crimson red is somewhat of a joy, but a joy that seems not to cross the path at Hanwell manor too often these days. There are indeed so many mistresses out there who specialise in cp, I on the other hand am known for my rubber bondage, medical, electro-stim anal play and humiliation games. It’s an additional treat to have a fellow dome refer a particular case to my chamber, due to her rsi, she was unable to cater for this subs requests, as always I’m happy to oblige especially for something this heavy. Now I do joke with my fellow domes and subs that most slaves are scared of my killer blows, after all the training I do it makes sense! However this new subbie didn’t flinch at our meet, even more so as the remit was 3000 strokes….yes you heard correctly 3000. Naturally putting a time limit on dolling out such a number is indeed difficult as a) I don’t usually work to a quota, I tend to cater to a limit as opposed to a number b) I’ve never actually timed my stroke to speed ratio, again judging the play with human response has always seemed the most accurate way to judge. However, here I stand, cane in hand with rather a large quota to fill and time running away with itself, isn’t that always the case?

Of course I couldn’t let me cp slut away with just a rear pounding, a half way reward of electro stim down inside the shaft if always a welcome change in tempo. How many strokes did I indeed hit in the 2 hours….well on this occasion 1000. I used my thinnest cane to register blow after blow, not of total devastation on each strike, but an incessant unending pain of layering sting. Welts appeared the signatures of a mistresses practiced hand. Naturally, to say that my newest sub would be thinking of me on his journey home would be an understatement….

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