Medical Meyhem

Feb 27, 2019

 Medical Mayhem

I've enjoyed the company of my skilled nursing friend and Scottish medical mistress, Lady Annisa, to Hanwell Towers during her all-too-short stay with me in London. One lucky slave had the pleasure of being filmed as he underwent a series of electrical and medical torments at the hands of both of his rubber-clad nurses whilst strapped to my gynaecological examination bench. With his legs spread wide akimbo in the stirrups, every part of his anatomy was available for our examination and for a variety of special Hanwell treatments,

His lung capacity was tested to the full after Lady Annisa attached his gas mask breathing tube to the double bubbler breathing machine, requiring him to suck the oxygen he needs through the liquid in the tubes. I am not quite sure how it happened but the liquid we were using seemed to have a faint 'colour' tinge, almost as though it were champagne, and not water! Acting in tandem, we nurses soon managed to make him forget his breathing difficulties, however. as we attached more and more electrical stimulation to various sensitive parts of his anatomy and monitored his reactions.
With his rear electrically plugged, electric rings around his shaft and with electric pads on his balls, there was only one place left for his nurses to explore. With her excellent medical skills, Lady Annisa inserted a metal sound deep into his cock and that got attached to the current as well.

The examination was to continue for a considerable time and so, to save his nurses having to do all the work at tormenting our slave, we introduced a microphone and audio setting to the electric boxes. With the microphone held near to his bubbling breathing tubes, it meant that every time he took a breath, the noises sent current deep into his urethra, A fascinating example of predicament torture as his need for oxygen battled with his desire to lessen the pain in his cock. Our patient had a new spring in his step and a clean bill of health when we finally concluded our examinations and discharged him until another day.

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