Mistress Servalan

Feb 1, 2019

 One of the many pleasures of being a Mistress is having the opportunity to meet with delightful women such as Australian Mistress Servalan who has been with me at my Hanwell premises for today. We have mutual friends in the industry and I know she is spoken of very highly, so I was pleased that she and her sub decided to make the trip to see me. We started off her visit with a tour of the four rooms, with her picking bits of different kit from here and there as she liked. Her session had been planned to utilise all of my available rooms, and also to make time for a section in which I got to be involved as well. I was excited to work with her, and have promised to visit her studio at some point in the future

The fun started with the selection of latex shoes stockings for her sub, TV hoods and long gloves ready for his arrival. She bound him securely and warmed him up with hand spanking and numerous implements I must admit I was listening to the games from afar with glee as she prepared him for further torments. Then it was my time to join the two of them. I had got the medical room ready for some adventures, with anal electrics, electric pads, and some nipple electric clips. I had also turned on the large video screen in order that Mistress Servalan's sub could watch himself suffering as she worked him with metal 'sounds' to widen his urethra before those sounds too were attached to the current. As the session continued I introduced some 'anaesthetic' role-play and even prepared needles for her to add more electrics on her sub later. All too soon I had to leave them to it, as Mistress began giving her sub a full makeover. I busied myself with prepping the suspension room body board for them to use later, and departed so that Mistress could give her sub the full BDSM attention he deserved.

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Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room