Murder Mile with Morrigan Hel

May 14, 2012

I’ve been a busy girl this week. After spending a few days in north Wales on a fitness training camp/class I’ve come back and gone straight into sessioning off site with mistress Morrigan Hel at her ‘murder mile’ studios.  What a fun afternoon we had, enjoying the torment of a captured ‘Men on Top’ prisoner who was hell bent on inciting such propaganda as (would you believe it) ‘women belong in the kitchen’. Of course Morrigan and I had ways to break these lesser males down, to renounce his beliefs and of course accept ‘women in charge’. 

The other slave that Morrigan and I worked on had indeed been kept at the dungeon for an overnight session, but this didn’t stop Morrigan fiercely training her boot slave, forcing some 7 inch heel worship, position training and even better still, turning him into an ashtray for her privilege.
As always watch the club site for these exclusive clips.

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