Punishing The Predator

Jan 18, 2019

 Punishing The Predator

One of the many services offered by my BDSM medical clinic at Hanwell Towers is a rehabilitation and punishment regime which has had great success in treating even the most perverted of sexual predators. A good example came this week with the capture of a deviant male whose crimes are so heinous that they go beyond what may be discussed in decent society, and which certainly cannot even be described here! A great deal of serious pain was needed in this case to ensure that such behaviour would not occur again.

The treatment started with entrapment within a heavy canvas 'Maxcita' strait jacket, allowing the subject to be gagged and dragged into the medical room for further investigations. The charge sheet, detailing his horrific crimes, was put in plain sight so that I could regularly refer to it as the therapy continued. The clinic's camera system was lined up to record events as straps were applied to his entire body, before the camera was zoomed in on the offender's feet for his deeply painful foot-whipping, involving a large selection of instruments which had been lined up ready for my use.

I find that breathing games are useful to control such prisoners and keep them receptive to the therapy suggestions. These are combined with regular feeding of warm liquids as a way of focusing on specific words as part of his rehabilitation. Despite these efforts, the best we can realistically hope for it to control the symptoms of such behaviour; a prisoner with tendencies of this nature will never be fully cured. It means that regular return visits will be required and he will need to be recaptured at our discretion, along with constant monitoring of his mails, calls and web chats.

As the therapy continued, his nurses found it necessary to apply anal electric devices of ever-increasing sizes, along with metal sounds which also increased in diameter as extra punishment was required. For the full effect of the treatment, we graduated to electrification of the penile sounds before also electrifying needles in both nipples and feet - a medical necessity that has proved effective in the past.

For a while there was some consideration as to whether or not a full sexual draining might be efficacious, but this was decided against because ti could be seen as some form of 'reward' for his atrocious behaviour. In this case his reward will be in never offending again!

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