Sentenced to the Cells

Mar 5, 2019

 Sentenced to the Cells

On some occasions, it's necessary for me to deprive a client not only of his senses but also of his freedom to move. How fortunate then that I have a number of purpose-built, inescapable cells built into the upper floors of Hanwell Towers, and that they are perfect for the long term incarceration of any slaves requiring particularly restrictive treatment.

The latest inmate to taste their pleasures arrived, and was immediately put into an inflatable hood that imposed a full blackout and meant that he was unable to see me as I inserted anal electrics and followed those up with electric pads on various parts of his body. Once he was in my tight fitting, white canvas Maxcita strait jacket, it was time to secure him in the metal suspension cage that has the unique ability to be hoisted right through the ceiling of my upstairs dungeon and directly into the cell block. It was all useful conditioning to teach him that I was taking absolute control of his every sensation.

Once in the cells area I removed the straps, but only in order to vary the tempo of his abuse by adding metal leg irons to add to his helpless state. In the padded cell I reconfigured the strait jacket to a hogtie position, added more irons at the back with a spread bar and left him locked on the floor unable to move. It was fun to leave him like that, ignored completely by his Mistress, until I decided to add in some 'aroma' play before he was led back to the suspension cage and lowered down on his way to the medical room for extensive hypno-training. That involved a gas mask, metal sounds into his shaft whilst he remained plugged, and then control of his breathing to induce suitable 'floaty' feelings during which he was finally allowed to cum... fast, hard and totally hands free.

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