Style Fetish

Apr 4, 2019

Following my recent redecoration and rearrangement of the dungeon rooms at Hanwell Towers, your Mistress's unceasing search for bondage perfection continued apace, with a flying visit to one of Europe's top bondage equipment manufacturers in my quest to find fresh ways of restraining and tormenting my lucky clients. Style Fetish in Frankfurt make some of the best and most stylish bondage chairs, beds and benches in the world, and they could not have been more hospitable to me over lunch and a tour of their impressive showrooms and factory.

The choice of ways to tie you all down and torture you could hardly have been more enticing, and I was particularly struck by one bondage bench which has the capacity to change at the touch of a button from a lie-flat bed to an adjustable medical chair with suitable gynae fittings and stirrups to ensure Mistress has easy access to all of your most intimate and tender areas. It would make a fine addition to my Hanwell medical clinic where Nurse Despair dedicates herself to treating all of your many sexual perversion problems.

Most impressive of all is the Style Fetish system whereby multiple attachments can be added to each piece of BDSM equipment to enhance the bondage experience. There are metal frames holding latex masks to pull down over your head and ensure you stay precisely where your Mistress has put you. There are adjustable arms to hold the Serious Kit milking equipment or a Venus Machine tune to milk you for as long as I wish, and, of course, the correct fittings for a fucking machine to attain precisely the correct alignment to plunge deep into your rear, and clamps to hold one of my powerful Hitachi wands to reduce you to a quivering orgasm... if Mistress decides you deserve that pleasure.

From the sunshine of Frankfurt it was a shock returning to the chill of a British spring, but it is always good to get home, and I am looking forward to warming myself up with new sessions with both old and new clients. This year so far has been maniacally busy, but there is always room at Hanwell for new kinky clients to play.

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