The Perfect Day

Jan 28, 2019

 The Perfect Day

On occasions, my sexual perversions clinic at Hanwell sees patients who require an entire day of treatment to offer them the highest levels of aversion therapy. That was the case this week as I introduced trainee nurse Rona to just such a patient who needed our strictest attentions for intense reprogramming. As a practised hypno-domme i was able to demonstrate to her all aspects of that art, including a full eight hours of verbal assault coupled with the assistance of Rona, in her school uniform, to maintain a watchful eye on his penile responses.

We worked our way together through fitting a 'crown-of-thorns' on the cock head, and the application of an anti-masturbation, cbt device with internal spikes, adjustable with the use of an Allen key. It makes any erection suitably painful if cock stimulation is judiciously applied. Nurse Rona assisted in introducing throbbing electrics down his shaft, and with the warm, mind altering substances which gave a new dimension to the hypno phase of the treatment.

The long day continued with relentless stimuation of the patient's neither regions as 'schoolgirl' Rona ensured the arousal was in place whilst i inflicted the necessary painful needles across the cock and nipples, which were electrified for hours and hours in ever-increasing doses, but with his shrieks and screams being ignored as our 'matter-of-fat' attitude helped him understand that his vile behaviour would always, naturally, be punished.

As the client not been for a while and as things had 'tightened up', i was eager to recover elasticity in the anal canal once again. We inserted a multitude of fingers, colon snakes, slinks, and rectal wideners before a fist - and half my arm- to clear any restrictions. Large electro-plugs were supplemented by external cock bands and an ever-increasing current which pushed his endorphin levels to new heights of exhilaration. Although we may not have hit this patients' personal best levels, I was content to see that breathing games assisted some welcome relief and that one happy, bouncing slave headed off for the weekend happy and fully refreshed.



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