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How to book:

Please follow this format when applying to book an appointment; It makes things run so much more efficiently 

EMAIL HEADER: Potential booking for (day time and session length preferred)

EMAIL BODY : Please be specific about session interests. I'm not looking for 'War and Peace', more a flavour of your scene. Ideally list a minimum of 3-4 fetish services/interests that appeal to you which gives me a basis to not only work from, but the ability to print out your details before the session starts so I have a point of reference. I do not work to scripts, neither do I have the need to refer to this list throughout the play. However it is helpful to me if you can particularly list the things that do not work, your hard limits or areas that simply do not appeal.

Naturally I need to be aware of any medical conditions  you may be suffering from or injuries you have sustained in the past that may affect the positions your placed in.

Finally some alternative dates and times in case yours are not readily available.

My session preferences

I cover a plethora of different services, however rest assured that I only offer services that I enjoy, so should we play, you need not worry that I am not having fun. For me a session is both serious and rewarding. I enjoy pushing people and watching the response. ‘Playing’ is great stress relief and can leave you elated for days. The services I do not offer are those I do not enjoy and therefore will not cater for. Generally my specialties include heavy bondage, medical play, electro-stim, anal training, pain without marks, accurate CP, rubber bondage boot worship and role-playing scenarios. If you require a service that is not listed in this site then please contact me via e-mail and I may be able to help. I am happy to see novices as well as experienced players.

Building a rapport

The majority of my appointments are with regular clients. This is not to say that I will not take on new subs, but I prefer new slaves to have a clear idea of what they like. This can be presented in the form of a list by phone, or letter of introduction via e-mail prior to the session. I always have a chat before the session starts to establish limitations. I do not consider this ‘topping from the bottom’ as I always put my own spin on things. The more information I have, the better your session will go. It’s as simple as that. I pride myself on keeping sessions as fresh as possible trying to vary each session. I do not need pages and pages of history; just a few lines of what you would like to try and what your hard limits are. Of course, tastes change over time so by all means covering old or new ground can be as equally rewarding.


I believe that all equipment should be sterilised to hospital standards as dirty equipment literally puts people's lives in your hands. This is something that I take very seriously as there are a great many diseases that can be transferred should incorrect sterilising procedures be used. For metal instruments a medical autoclave is the perfect way to sterilise instruments, but when using non-medical attachments like those that accompany electro-stim, cold sterilising is the only way to clean to above hospital standards. There is no such thing as a 100% guarantee, not even a hospital could offer you that, but 99.9% is close enough. I also wear disposable latex gloves throughout each session and the room is thoroughly cleaned between appointments.

During the session

I usually have an informal chat at the beginning of the session to iron out any problems and recap on previous emails. This is the time to mention anything you may have forgotten to put down, any health problem you may have, or areas of play that have come to mind en-route to the dungeon. My style of play is not that of 'Get on the floor you worm' unless you specifically request this unflinching dominant bitch to host your session. I can easily do this roleplay, but on every other occasion you will find me with a smile and a wicked glint in my eye. I enjoy what I do and I believe that comes through. The most enjoyable sessions for me are those where both people are interacting well. This doesn't mean that I expect you to verbally communicate the entire session. Basically I'm saying, "whatever comes naturally to you". If you are not a talker but much quieter in a session then that is also fine. But, when I feel that what I'm doing is well received and flowing, then this alone gives me a buzz. I enjoy the vibing/connecting with my subbie. To me, sessioning is a two way experience and this is where the enjoyment is for me. I may of course choose to tweak my subbie's requests... I will keep you on your toes and keep the session fresh for those who regularly return to my stable.

Safe words and Safety

I advocate the use of safe words in sessions for newbie subs to give an extra safehold that you can stop the session at any time should you wish. This is not a reflection on the subs ability to play and not a criticism of the mistress if a safe word is used. BDSM play is a two way experience and for this reason the scene needs to be right for both parties to enjoy the session. I am an excellent reader of body language to know what's working and what's not. Most of my regular slaves play without a safeword but that is trust that can take time to build. Either way,  you can rest assured you will be walking out with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.....(or am I describing me after a session???)

How long should I book for Mistress?

That is a difficult question to answer as it really depends on what type of a session you are looking for. If you are seeking a basic CP scenario, boot worship, or a strap-on style session then an hour is fine if that is all you require. However due to the large selection of implements/equipment the most common session length is 2 hours. I would suggest that in reality a 2 hour session is the minimum you want, when you factor in more complex elements such as multi-layered rubber, heavy bondage or medical. Ultimately the decision is yours. I will accept bookings up to 8 hours in length. All my sessions are 1 to 1 and continuous, you will not be left on your own for safety reasons. Some clients enjoy a mid session imprisoned break and here is where the 'Cell Block M' offers the intensity and also breathing space that many clients enjoy. Whether you want a introductory warm up, a mid session break (if you can call it that) or just left at your Mistresses pleasure, cell time comes at a reduced rate with a 2 hour standard rate session, herby extending your time and your ability to stay the distance (I hope)...


Feedback is an important aspect of a session. This is not taken as a criticism but to get maximum impact from any following sessions. Ideally outline what worked well, or even not so well. This can be done at the end of the session, or preferably via email soon afterwards or when arranging the next session. This gives me areas to expand and build on. I learn more about my sub when they take the time to express what areas were enjoyable as this often opens new avenues for following sessions.





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