Medical Room

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  • Dungeon

Evil "Nurse Despair" or the nice "Matron", wearing either an authentic nursing uniform or dressed in fetish rubber/pvc medical gear, give you a full body examination. The clinic is 16x9 foot and equipped with Hydraulic Medical couch and an en-suite toilet and sink. Should you require a basic medical, a thorough examination or treatments, a full range of procedures is available so enter at your own risk if you dare..

Limitations respected and fully tested 

Instruments sterilised to above hospitable standards

Needle play
Permanent Piercing inc PA, Guiche, Frenum, Nipple
Sounds inc rosebud
Bladder draining/washing
Prostate massage
Corrective therapy (Full stop removed for consistency in this list)
Full body inspections and more
Breath Play
Venus 2000

When you enter the premises, all services are carried out at your own risk. The highest hygiene standards are maintained at all times. The treatments are carried out as part of a scenario and should not replace a professional treatment. This is fetish play.

One of the main products I use is in the range.

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