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Many sessions take place in the spotlessly clean stainless steel medical walls of the 'Hanwell Clinic'. Naturally this bespoke environment can offer such roleplay Evil "Nurse Despair" or the nice "Matron". Of course, with a second to none facility, the full medical wardrobe covers either authentic dress to fetish including rubber/pvc medical and more. Patients have the option of latex patient gowns, cotton authentic attire or simply as nature intended.

The clinic is equipped with a genuine Hydraulic Medical couch and an en-suite toilet plus oversized stainless steel sink, perfect to scrub up before and after administration of treatments. So should you require a basic medical, a thorough examination or a tailored session please email your requirements. Naturally limits are respected and tested. All instruments are sterilised to above hospitable standards.

Some Clinic favourites:

Serious Kit Milking Machine (with many unique attachments hand crafted to my specifications

PROTOTYPE one of a kind (designed by myself ) electros suction vac suit 

Nipple suction with electro 

Needle play (temp piercings)

Permanent Piercing inc PA, Guiche, Frenum, Nipple

Catheters (single use disposable medical grade)

Sounds inc rosebud, dittel and electro-stim

Bladder draining/washing with sterile water for irrigation

Prostate Examination with massage

Controlled/Force-feeding and consumption games

Enemas (gravity, peristaltic machine, pumps, plug, bardex, double bardex, disposable and more)



Corrective therapy and Medical Roleplay Games

Full body postural analysis - inspections and more

Breath Play with bespoke configurations and anesthesia roleplay. 

Hypno - suggestion and conditioning

Venus 2000

When you enter the premises, all services are carried out at your own risk. The highest hygiene standards are maintained at all times. The treatments are carried out as part of a scenario and should not replace a professional treatment. This is fetish play.

One of the main products I use is in the range.

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