Prisoner Cell Block M

Regular Offender Programme

Prices for the cell block are charged at normal session rates and can be included at any stage in a session. However for those who wish a prolonged period of rehabilitation I’m offering a reduced rate. Usual session rates apply for 2 hours (which is needed to set the tone, start the incarceration and then the release at the end) plus then a cell detention free of £130 per hour thereafter at ‘Her Mistresses Pleasure’. Prisoners are hoisted from one floor to the next via a heavyweight metal cage and winched to the Cell Block....Prepare for 'Hell in the Cell'

There will be some limited visitation rights, however, when this takes place, and to what level is to be decided by the Wardens. Wardens have been known to get their kicks during this time by humiliating and abusing prisoners, violating even their most basic human rights. Where most prisons endeavour to stamp out this abhorrent behaviour, on Cell block M, this behaviour is encouraged and endorsed. Occasional hot and cold showers have been provided to some prisoners in the past, some special delicious treats seem to find themselves appearing in the cells. Obviously there may or may not be other inmates arriving in the main holding rooms. There may be inspections, or if the Wardens decide, quiet reflection time for the entirety of the incarceration. This offers inmates the element of surprise, nothing is written in stone. After all, we know what's best for your continued reintegration into society; you are here, merely to find out your fate.

However if you are looking for regular attendance, position change, regular monitoring, ongoing torment and the intensity of a one to one session with short occasional breaks then the usual session rates apply throughout. The idea of cell detention is a mixture of surprise and reflection time (hence the reduction in cost) and irregular monitoring.

'Cell Block M' has 3 bespoke cells which are:

1) Padded isolation cell: option of complete darkness or not, running water and flushable toilet in cell, fully chains and fixing points, manacle points

2) Wet Cell: bespoke wrought iron lockable cell door with head fixing points to hold prisoners head in place for a 'house champagne' warm shower or contrasting cold shower, plus prisoners flushable toilet and sink.

3) Metal cell: Manacle points fixing prisoners in ball head and ball hand metal enclosed devices plus a multitude of fixing points and shackles/chains to secure even the most Houdini of prisoners. Flushing toilets and cold running water for long term bondage.

In addition to the cells, I have utilised every inch of space to incorporate stocks over the stairwell, suspended body cage to transport prisoners from one level to the cells, lockable wrist restraints and legs to hold prisoners on the knees plus many more wooden devices and toys. 


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