Suspension Room

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I love bondage, and I feel that a room dedicated to total restriction and suspension was necessary for my play.With a ceiling height of 11 foot, and an area of 16x14 foot, in this room will you be the one to be raised without hope of escape? Be fully suspended in complete safety by industrial electric winches that take over 250kg each.

Watching a slave wriggle with no means of escape brings me pure delight. In this room painted in black and purple with mirrored walls I can offer a variety of positions to humble even the most experienced of slaves.

This multi purpose room is additionally kitted out with scaffolding which can be used for mummification and more.

Strap cage
Metal birdcage
Rotating rack
Suspension sling
Suspension seat
Head to toe inversion body harness (Designed by Mistress and now sold by Fetters)
Body harness
NEW bondage board (designed by Mistress)
NEW bespoke whipping bench (with many unique features designed by Mistress)
***Now arrived **Fetters suspension straight jacket ***
Mistress Throne

Vac bed
Bondage ball
Bodybags/ suits and Straight jackets, body binders
Hoods & gags
Rubber bondage
Rubber body bags
Rubber inflatables, hoods, bags, suits, mitts
Rubber sheets
Rubber capes
Clothing plus rubber tv
Posture collars/extreme restraint
Inflation mitts

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