Bi Games

OOOhh just the heading alone has lit a spark in that dark erotic kinky mind of yours and you’re positively salivating at the possibilities this door opens. Of course, you want to know more and although the walls of Hanwell hold their secrets well, I’ll let slip a few possibilities. Admittedly like any complex scene, these games are usually reserved for regular clients, those paying deposits, known attendees and multi day extravaganzas but that is not to say that an additional male is out of the question.

Whether you dream is being simply put to the test with the feeling of a welcoming mouth from behind your hidden blindfold, revelling in the deliciousness of sin and seduction of another unknown being or perhaps your fantasy is far more specific? A muscle stud, a kinky teaser, a cross dressing tart of YOUR desire or the enjoyment aspect of being at the beck and call of another? “Don’t be shy” as they say “your mother wasn’t” and neither should you be. Jot it down, email me, send me the details in black and white. I’m sure the stirrings from simply outlining your specific fantasy will send you blazing into a fit of torrid temptation all over again.

Then again you have the total other end of the scale, the experienced cock sucker who simply wants to be the bukkake star of any multi day…..oooh if any spills you know the penalty!

Naturally I’m very much in the business of safe sane and consensual play. Whatever your boundaries let me know and we can toy with your fantasy.

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