Breath Play and Anaesthetic Roleplay

It may be that your dream fantasy is to be subject to restrictive breath play from a Mistress who can hold her rubber-gloved hand across your mouth and nose to increase your feelings of helplessness; or introduce basic restrictive breathing with her medical tubes. Many men and women find the fantasy of breath-play exciting and wish they could be put into bondage and allowed to experience this sort of play at their Mistress’s command. At Hanwell you will also find the depth of experience to move you on to more specialist ‘aroma’ games as well if you wish; or perhaps the type of roleplay in which you may imagine the floaty anaesthesia feelings which some clients desire.

Please do not ask for sleeper holds, knock out techniques or suffocation as these will be respectfully refused at all times. I'm extremely safety concious and do not enjoy this level of edge play. Although I have St Johns Ambulance First Aid and resuscitation skills, I do not want to put them into practice.

I also do not advocate 'nil by mouth' before these games. I know that certain Dommes put this forward as an essential aspect but from my exprience, I prefer my clients to have eaten a light meal thereby keeping the blood pressure to normal levels and of course fully hydrated. I'm very happy during longer sessions for you to bring a snack if requried, or indeed for afterwards! I'm sure I can supply something should you find yourself wilting...however I cannot guarantee you will like what your being served up in the hospital rations!

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