CBT and Ball Busting

Some of you out there will be wincing at the title alone and yes over the years like everything I work to degrees. It would make sense to decide that one of my favourite activities is partaking in cock and ball torture (CBT) to ensure that my clients never forget that their male bits and pieces belong totally to me as soon as they walk through the door of my Hanwell premises unless this is your game of choice. Naturally I always respect your limits, which means that the all-encompassing term “CBT” can cover a range of games from serious ball-busting with my karate-trained leg muscles (experienced players of course) all the way through to simple cock and ball bondage that will restrict the movement of your shaft and separate and stretch those pesky balls in whichever way I wish. I am very happy to tie you with your legs wide apart and use your bollocks as target practice for my karate exercises but rest assured unless you request that it will not happen. Many males prefer to be bound in complex intricate bondage and the simply threat of the strap or implement of fear being used that simply comes to hand. They don’t call them crown jewels for no valid reason do they?? What could be worse that your valuables under threat and you simply can’t protect them. You will be surprised how much discomfort can be inflicted with a simple poke prod or more in the right place.

CBT does indeed cover such a broad spectrum of activities. Electro stim is a favourite as it can both tease or torment without marks. Pinwheels offer totally different sensations to weights, yes over the years my skills in this department have become very well versed in a range of activities…are we feeling brave, foolish or all of the above?

Alas I cannot show alot of these activities in photographic splendour as they linger behind the firewall of the club site. However perhaps I'll add a few placed images of kit to grace the pages, but I'm sure with your wild imagination you have all the bases pretty much covered.

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