Electro stim is another one of my passions. This can be used in both mild to strict services and has the advantage of not leaving any marks. I love surprising my subs by controlling the sensations across their body and choosing when and where they feel pain or pleasure. I have an immense array of equipment that is constantly updated (far too much to list but here are a few ideas of what's in store to challenge both novices and experienced players. Here are some of the pieces I have:

Nova Pro 100 Sensory Depravation Kit (which can be integrated with Eros Tec boxes) Electric Humblers x3
Eros Tec 212 , 2x 312 boxes inc voice activation, 232 box x8
Erostec Remote control unit x2
Pleasure Tec box 
Pes Box and full selection of Pes attachments
Entire catalogue of 'Electrostim' attachments
CBT torture board (selection)
Folsom Electrics (full range)
Nipple clamps and pads (variety of strengths and grips)
Violet wand and attachments
Electro sounds (all widths and makes, flexible and stainless steel)
Cock rings both rigid plastic, flexible rubber, stainless steel and adjustable metal bands
Elasticised cock bands
Small to xxx Large anal plugs and probes
Ball Clamps, Boards, rings, clips, 
Body pads plus more attachments
Electric mini whip, glove, grips and other misc items
Single and Bi-polar electro pin wheels x5 varieties

Basically if it's on the market, I've probably got more than 2 of them!!! I've not listed all of what I own; I couldn't fit it on the site let alone on this page!

Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room