Extreme Multi Layered Encasement

 Trust me when I say that if you’re interested in more layers than an Egyptian mummy look no further. Over the years, I have dressed, bandaged, shrink wrapped, duck taped, body bagged, roped, harnessed my way into the BDSM Guinness book of records in my own special way as bondage perfection has indeed been achieved countless time. Time is usually the absolute limiting factor in all things and naturally this level of sophistication takes times and effort. The results are outstanding of course and should this really float your boat, you’re looking at sessions of 3,4, or 5 hours plus.

As i've all the gear and loads of ideas, all you have to do is simply present yourself with your shopping list of hopes and dreams. Voila! A limbless, bound up body a la Hanwell will emerge. Don't kid yourself however, you cannot be left alone like this for any period of time. In fact I never leave anybody trussed or tied for fear of the worst enemy of all....cramp. Yes it happens when yours truly has spent an age arranging each facet only to be faced with the rapid removal. Don't worry as this does indeed pass as quickly as it arrives and for this very reason I time limit each position with pinpoint accuracy.

Removing all impracticalities means we have an abundance of possibilities at our fingertips. Let the life blood of the tape strap those cares away. Feel the intoxicating weight of the leather harnesses and jackets impose my will, surrender to the unending ways to relinquish control with a safe secure and strong Mistress at the helm.

Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room