Safe words and Safety

I advocate the use of safe words in sessions, as I feel it's important for the sub to know that the session can stop at any time for whatever reason. This is not a reflection on the sub's ability to play and not a criticism of the Mistress if a safe word is used. BDSM play is a two way experience and for this reason the scene needs to be right for both parties to enjoy the session. However most of my playmates never feel the need for one. I've been a Pro-Domme for 21 years, half my adult life and therefore have pretty well honed skills in reading body language. I don't tend to see many newbies these day; I think I scare them off with the images and videos of some of my more advanced players. Rest assured if you are new, or prefer to play on the lighter scale, I'm not going to give you your first Hanwell experience trying to break any records. I find it's better to build a solid base of play elements and go from there, we can always step up when you're ready.


One of the main products I use is in the www.trisel.com range. This has to be mixed and lasts 24 hours, after which we throw it away and make another one. All surfaces and floors and cleaned with hospital standard cleaning products as we go along and after each session. I admit it; I'm a complete clean freak!

I believe that all equipment should be sterilised to hospital standards as dirty equipment literally puts people's lives at risk. This is something that I take very seriously as there are a great many diseases that can be transferred should incorrect sterilising procedures be used.

All of my implements are soaked, scrubbed, rinsed and then submerged into a mixed hospital grade cold sterilisation solution. These instruments are then rinsed and allowed to air dry before being handeled with gloves and sealed into sterilisation packs or placed into specific trays. 

I also wear disposable latex gloves throughout each session and the room is thoroughly cleaned between appointments. don't be offended by this, disease prevention is a two way benefit.

There are a number of medical procedures that require disposable items, eg catheters, saline, sterile water, IV bags to name a few that incur a small charge. Needles are not chargeable and of course single use.


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