Invasive Medical Play

My Hanwell premises have a superbly equipped medical clinic in which your nurse can offer you restraint on the medical bench for a variety of treatments. These include games such as the peristaltic enema machine, catheterisation and bladder irrigation, saline infusion, injections, piercings, permanent piercings ( including guiche, frenem, nipple and Prince Albert, to name but a few). It may be necessary to introduce sounds if the patient so desires, or on occasions electro-sounds for the complete invasive medical treatment.

Whatever your limits of experiences, I offer a scrupulously clean medical themed environment with both disposable single use and pre-sterilised kit. Of course, I always wear disposable gloves regardless of the procedure and observe a very strict duty of care at all times. Private Fetish Medical play offers many of the bonus aspects that the more vanilla Health Care professional cannot provide. Many therapeutic stress relieving benefits that are readily avalible elsewhere can be optimally applied in the Hanwell Clinic. We strive for excellence and succeed.

Although I'm not medically trained - both my two degrees are in other subjects - I can promise that my knowledge in the niche field over the last two decades covering such a range of activities has been deepened by a number of top level professionals in the field whom I’m lucky enough to have direct links with and can call on for assistance/advice which has proved an invaluable source of information. 

Just as a footnote, should you have any existing medical conditions please be forthcoming. Your safety is my absolute top priority.

Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room