Medical Play

The clinic is 16x9 and equipped with Hydraulic Medical couch and an en-suite toilet and sink. Should you require a basic medical or a through examination or treatments, a full range of procedures are available so enter at your own risk if you dare... Limitations respected and fully tested.

The clinic is fully equipped and instruments are sterilised to above hospital standards.


Nice or Nasty Matron can assist with your no nonsense therapy. Should you prefer a laxex medical,Rubber Nurse Despair is always on hand to help with her very specialist niche treatment, rubber sheets help ease the patient into that secure knowledge that 'Nurse Knows Best'. Maybe a rubber patient gown is required to cover some delightful chaps and vest that expose the essential areas for additional rubber therapy? You’ll find that my premises are extremely well equipped, meticulously clean and with the highest quality rubber available.

Here are some of the list of services available

Catheters: Bladder draining & Washing (small fee for consumables)
Corrective Therapy
Enemas inc higgins, gravity, double inflatable balloon
Force Feeding
Full body Inspection
Needle Play
Temp and Permanent Piercing inc guiche, P.A, frenum, nipple
Prostate Massage
Prostate Milking / Venus 2000 (top of the range wanking machine)
Sounds (both electric and clinical)
Invasive electro/medical play
Rebreathing Masks/machine (consumables chargable)
W/S games
Rectal dilation/probing
Immobilisation inc Locking medical restraints, leg braces, neck braces, plaster-casting and more

All medical sessions require a minimum booking of 1.5 hours. You can of course book for longer but an hour session is too short to engage in this style of play.

Please Note: There are services that I offer that I have not listed on the site, if you have a specific medical scenario in mind, please email me. Please note that I do not offer scrotal inflation.

When you enter the premises, all services are carried out at your own risk. The highest hygiene standards are maintained at all times. The treatments are carried out as part of a scenario and should not replace a professional treatment. This is fetish play.

One of the main products I use is in the range.

Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room