Services (Additional)

Here are more examples of my play not listed on earlier pages. I give these services equal importance. It's just a case of space.

Degradation/ Humiliation inc forced feeding of a variety of liquids !!!

Humiliation inc face slapping & spitting. This can also include humiliation scenarios, cross dressing, verbal insults. Please be specific when requesting humiliation as this means different things to each person.

CBT... there are so many ways engage in this play; the list is endless.

Nipple torture from mild to the experienced player. Nipple electro-stim should not be used if you have a pacemaker or heart problems.

Corporal Punishment, all levels are catered for. You must request your level when booking. Interrogation, prisoner scenarios or blackmail.

Ice & Nettles I would request that you bring nettles with you as they do not last an entire day. There may be seasonal variations in nettles. Should you develop a minor skin reaction after the session, antihistamines will ease the symptoms (I know, I'm a caring mistress at heart lol)

Chastity (Key Holder services) I do hold some devices to be used within a session but subs are welcome to arrive in chastity or bring devices along. Longer term use of a chastity device will require you to invest in a made to measure steel device as 'off the peg' devices are not usually 100% tamper free. In my opinion plastic devices are only for short term use. Most subbies have problems wearing these style of device for more than a few days. It really is a case that you get what you pay for. I am happy to recommend stockists...boy I wish I was on commission for this lol....

Slave training: Verbal commands and position training

Sensory Deprivation from basic hoods, blindfolds to the more elaborate NOVA PRO.

Dog/horsey training including position training.

Loosely scripted services and Roleplay. Please do not turn up with a script of dialogue you wish me to read. A short paragraph with the general flavour is far more effective. Don't get bogged down with irrelevant detail. The main areas could be bullet pointed; this makes the scene flow much more realistically.

Mind games or hypno roleplay. Of course I would need to have some idea of what makes you tick. Most of my subbies produce a short list on a first visit to aid with this.

Schoolroom scenarios. If you have a school name, a preferred gender to which you like to play as, or want to be given homework, then please outline this before arrival.

Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room