TV Services

Come and reveal the woman within; are you a Sissy or Slut, Schoolgirl, French Maid or a Fetish Fan? The large TV wardrobe caters for sizes from size 8 to 24 (small to xxxl), so depending on your taste, you can go for the basic underwear and heels or a 'top to toe' including make-up, hair removal, breast enhancers, wig and even deportment lessons. Let Mistress give you a TV name (if you don’t have one already that is).

Enforced hair removal (waxing, shaving, clippers trimming)
TV makeovers (I'm no make-up artist but I can make you up to match my own make-up style or sluttish if you'd prefer)
Maid training
Anal training
Verbal humiliation
Slut training
Dildo worship
Enforced transformation
Pussy play (cock play)
TV scenarios skillfully played out e.g. School Mistress, Female Boss, Caught dressed etc

Roleplay is something that I not only enjoy but excel at. However, I like to feel that my subbie is also 'into' this style of play as it gives me something to work with. It's much more fun to bounce things back and forth when I know that I am pushing the right buttons. Without this 'vibe' sometimes the play can be a little stagnant. This is not to say that I insist for my subs to be very talkative. Far from it, all I need to know is that this pushes a switch in your head. Give me an idea and I'll run with it.

Some roleplay dictates a certain outfit/style of dress. I have a full wardrobe for both my clients and myself so please request this when you book if it's an essential part of your session. If you prefer to bring along your own items to wear that is not a problem.

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