Web camming for me is a bit of an ad hoc activity, mainly due to the full schedule that I always seem to operate. However that being said some clients ask me to liven up their voyeuristic tendencies and enjoy the public display with intervention. The web cam only goes on in this instance if It's requested. There is never a live cam running unless it’s a desired activity, or I have time to kill for whatever reason when I’m simply sitting in my gear chatting to the individuals that lurk there!

I can say that I find the cam a bit of a mixed bag, as some people only pop in for a few seconds, why! The fastest of glimpse and then they are off. Others stay a few minutes and watch when sometimes leading to long coversations and an altogether intresting experience.

I have learned that JOI (jerk off instruction) (brb) be right back seem to be useful terms. To be honest the webcam is a dalliance that I roll into and out of, as I definably thrive off the ‘real time’. The advantage is that I can be talking to people from all over the world on a range of subjects. The disadvantage is that this sometimes attracts the misguided. NO, of course I’m not going to start doing some sort of strip show. Have you not read the small print!

If you want to book a web cam session at a specific time then I will expect advance payment if its via skype chargeable for a half hour minimum, or we can pre-arrange and do it through the third party domain of adult-work whereby you pay them your credits and you’re not limited to a specific schedule of minutes. But be warned, Adultwork for me is very ad hoc, so if you catch me on it then your luck is in. Currently the web camming is not something I really take too seriously and therefore don’t treat it as such by doing regular shows etc.

If you cannot make it to Hanwell Manor in person and web cam is your only option, then i fully understand but I would really urge you to bite the bullet and come in person!


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