This site is a passion for me. I got so bored with all the sites offering bondage and fetish content run by a small number of porn barons, and rarely showing any passion and understanding of the subject. I do believe that everyone has their fantasies and its not healthy to just stash them away and feel guilty. Enjoy them. We are all pervs really. I wanted to build a site which reflected real slaves living out their fantasies, having fun and proud of it. I wanted to be the Boss, doing most of my own editing, filming, deciding on what to offer, and for how much and do it in a fair and non-exploitative way. I do have some assistance with the copy writing, and boring tasks, as well as some of the filming. It's much easier to edit and makes for greater continuity in session when somebody else films but not everybody wants a third person shoving a lens into their privates! I'd also like to thank all at Blue PEC for their professional assistance in building the site. Did have to threaten them with my cane once or twice which seemed to have the desired effect. Hope I didn't frighten them too much! 

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