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Good news I’m back in August BUT due to the current health crisis and other considerations I’m looking to greatly reduce my availability and will only be sessioning with 1 person a day MAX, but not every day. In addition, due to the limited availability of slots I am no longer offering short sessions under 2 hours in a bid to keep footfall to a minimum. Naturally, deep cleaning and ventilating a room is essential in today’s current health climate. Regulars and longer sessions are prioritised.

Alcohol gel is here for your use on arrival, and I will also need to take your temp. I will also require a contact number should the worst happen that I can personally call you for notification, which adheres to the track and trace protocol put into place by so many mainstream establishments. These details are for my sole use and will only be held for 21 days and then destroyed.

Should you be required pay a deposit and must cancel for self-isolation reasons this will be held on file for you to rebook with. Should I need to cancel your appointment for the same reasons, the session deposit will either be refunded or held on file. Do not worry, this does not put you in the ‘Time Waster’ book as long as you notify that you are unable to attend. Speaking personally as a chronic asthmatic your health and mine are prioritised on all occasions.

Oh...and if you’re lucky enough to get a session this year, be warned I’ve had 5 months off, imagine how frustrated and kinky my mind has become...especially as I’m in a new location with tonnes of new fetish gear and no one to play with....and you think you've been deprived!!!!

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