Blog Archive: January 2012

Mirandites Supreme Court of Injustice

Jan 22, 2012

Its a tad worrying when one of my stable do not report for the obligatory training. Usually I insist on approx. 10 visits a year minimum from my diehard followers to keep up standards, maintain discipline and of course for me to maintain overall  con...

Two for T Girl

Jan 16, 2012

This week has been very eventful. It started with Arnolds next visit and first weigh in since the ‘base line’ measurements and let’s just say he has done himself proud. In no less than 10 days he has lost HALF A STONE and his body measur...

Poor Arnold

Jan 4, 2012

Yes poor Arnold got a lot more than he bargained for on arrival yesterday to my dungeon. He has spent the last few months enjoying the excesses of a successful life, wining and dining (and probably 69ing) more women than I care to think about. His lust fo...

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