Blog Archive: January 2016

Angels of 'NO MERCY'

Jan 20, 2016

 Sometimes it takes two naughty nurses to control the most seriously kinky patients who attend my Hanwell Clinic for the Sexually Perverted. So I was glad to have the help of another dominant nurse to assist me when I saw that my latest patient alrea...

Popping their Cherry

Jan 19, 2016

 One of the delights of my role as a Mistress is the opportunity to introduce my slaves to new experiences, new torments and BDSM games that they have never tried before. I call it 'popping their cherry' and, maybe because I was hungry and craving so...

Jessica 'Lucia' Rabbit

Jan 13, 2016

 Sometimes, if slaves have not been to see me for a while, it’s necessary to prepare their minds and their bodies afresh for the rigours and pleasures of a session with their Mistress; especially so if his balls are full to overflowing and my s...

Hot Mistress : Cold Rubber

Jan 8, 2016

Although I am, as you know, a modest Mistress by nature: I think it is true to say that most of my subbies and slaves would describe their Mistress as a `hot` lady... especially when they are strapped down to my whipping bench trying to wriggle out of som...

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