Blog Archive: February 2011

The Joy of Rubber Medical Sessions

Feb 13, 2011

There is nothing like a late night medical session to get my blood racing and last night was no exception. Starting by rubberising my slave, he was then strapped to the couch and multiple layers of bondage were applied, interspersed with electro current t...


Feb 12, 2011

Yesterday I completed a fun session with a dog slave of mine. I gave him a new nickname, PUP. Now, initially it might seem that this refers to his style of play, but on this occasion it’s not the case. It stands for Pathetically Underdeveloped Penis...

Valentines Punishment

Feb 11, 2011

This Thursday has been a productive day, I’ve managed to iron out some camera (photographic) problems Id been having with my stills camera and at the same time, managed to shoot an amusing valentines day film, ready to put on the site for Monday 14t...

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