Blog Archive: March 2011

Couples Play

Mar 27, 2011

Its always nice to play with couples, especially to introduce new elements of play into their arena, as, I know that they will take away with them the new experiences I’ve delivered and spice up their existing playtime at home. This weekend has brou...


Mar 21, 2011

Friday was a very unique day at my Hanwell chambers and one that took a lot of co-ordination. One of my loyal slaves had expressed a desire to be tattooed as a mark of his devotion to me. Of course this is a serious commitment and one I would only take on...

New Faces

Mar 7, 2011

This week has been very hectic and I've met some new and interesting people. One session took place with a slave who had his foreskin removed by a dominant girlfriend years beforehand and he wanted the results analyzed by myself. Ive met a new slave who I...

Back to Work!!

Mar 2, 2011

Back to work after a nice break but of course Mistress has been up to mischief regardless of session times. LOL. I’ve sent a few sets of instructions to my regular slaves to get them ready for their impending destruction at my hands, one of these in...

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