Blog Archive: March 2015

The American Invasion

Mar 23, 2015

Hanwell Towers resembled nothing less than an erotic, Hollywood movie set this week as close friends from the USA arrived to help me film a series of kinky and perverted sex scenes showing off all of the fabulous bondage equipment, rubber wear and differe...

Serious Kit Prototype Hood

Mar 22, 2015

Sometimes I come across a piece of kit that takes my breath away in admiration... or even better... takes my slave's breath away in desperation by enclosing them in skintight rubber from head to toe with just a small breathing tube conncting them to the r...

Watching Me... Watching You.

Mar 21, 2015

It's been a manic and kinky week of movie mayhem for your Mistress as she played host to her American visitors, all keen to get their hands on each other's bodies, and on my vast range of bondage equipment, rubberwear and unique BDSM machines designed to ...

Operation Clitoris

Mar 18, 2015

 One lucky slave survived the full, dedicated attention of both my slavegirl Sherry and me this week as we tested out his knowledge of female anatomy in our first day devoted to the launch of "Operation Clitoris." This was my attempt to inc...

50 Shades of Slave

Mar 12, 2015

Long term servitude in bondage and discomfort may not be for everyone, and I know that being summonsed to my presence to be imprisoned in solitary confinement for more than 24 hours might fill some of my slaves with fear and trepidation: but for my loyal ...

Merciless Medical Mayhem

Mar 4, 2015

Finding a slave's most secret fears and using them mercilessly against him is all part of my Dominatrix armoury, and I deployed that to the full this week to re-programme an owned slave who was becoming a little too big for his pathetically-small boots. I...

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