Blog Archive: April 2014

Pin Cushion

Apr 14, 2014

 How many Mistresses does it take to change a light-bulb? (None of course… that’s what domestic slaves are for) How many Mistresses does it take to pierce 265 needles into the human pincushion skin of a willing subbie victim? The answer ...

Girly Shirley Temple

Apr 7, 2014

 Sissy Shirley had arrived at the girlie party dressed in a totally inappropriate way. Now to be fair, Shirley did have, alas, no prior warning that she was going to be sissified in such an extreme way by myself and sexy Sherry. 'Oh, lets get these c...

Nurse Despair

Apr 3, 2014

 Welcoming a new patient to the clinic is always a delight, especially when the male in question is in need of my specific brand of niche latex therapy. Added to this joy is the request for prolonged slow stimulating but frustrating times on the seri...

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