Blog Archive: April 2015

Day In The Life... of Video Specs

Apr 17, 2015

 My slaves are such a narcissistic lot, always wanting to see themselves in the mirror as I fix them in strict bondage and attach various of my devices that bring them pleasure or pain to various parts of their anatomy. I think that’s why my v...


Apr 13, 2015

 What a wonderful treat for my Monday morning visitor when my new slavegirl arrived to join me in giving him a multi-handed session that left him gasping with excitement and desperate for the orgasm that I knew was just bursting to erupt from his ove...

The Newest Slave-girl Sensation

Apr 12, 2015

 It was great to meet a new submissive girl this week when she was brought to my chambers by a switch client who wanted a complicated, but good fun, game of fantasy play involving me punishing both of them thoroughly before recruiting the woman to he...

Double Milking Day

Apr 11, 2015

 The final scene of my latest, week long, filming extravaganza saw two of my own male slaves suspended and tied by my USA visitors Elise Graves and Brianna for a unique double milking session in my upstairs dungeon at Hanwell Towers. Mark from Seriou...

An unusual View

Apr 10, 2015

 Watching yourself being tortured is not everyone’s cup of tea but one slave in one of my last sessions before my holiday grew more and more excited after I taped video specs around his head and let him watch his own mistreatment in glorious cl...

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